AIRmove²® Packaging Machine

AIRmove²® Machine

AIRmove²® Machine

AIRmove²® Machine


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Produce a variety of air cushions with the compact, easy-to-use AIRmove²®. Designed to fit at any workstation for quick and direct application at the point of packaging. Protect your products with the right type of air cushions for wrapping, cushioning, blocking and bracing, and void filling.

System Integration

  • Easy to integrate into existing packaging processes
  • Compact and light
  • Versatile—tabletop device or attach to a wall


  • Quick-start function
  • Select film type, speed and air fill with a touch of the button
  • Foot pedal, hand button, or timed program


  • Quiet operation
  • Clear text display
  • Three types of film — Void S, Bubble M, and Cushion M — in various widths
  • Foot pedal or hand button to control film output available as an accessory
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